inlingua method

The inlingua method is based on the following principles :

  1. The teacher conducts the lesson only in the target language.
  2. The teacher gives the learner the opportunity to speak as much as possible during the lesson.
  3. The teacher conducts the greater part of the lesson orally, with the book closed.
  4. The teacher keeps theoretical explanations to a minimum.
  5. Trainers correct mistakes in such a way that learners develop skill in self-correction and learn to use the language independently.
  6. The teacher diagnoses the extent of the learner’s knowledge before supplying a model or providing a solution himself.
  7. The teacher encourages the learner to play a creative role in the learning process.
  8. The teacher observes the principles of applied psychology.
  9. The teacher combines the structural and functional approaches to language learning.

The main goal of the Inlingua method is to allow you to communicate in a foreign language studied. By communication, we mean the ability to understand and to be understood. Inlingua gives a particular importance to speaking skills, although Inlingua will also guide you with writing and reading for each studied language.

It’s by speaking that we gain solid linguistic competences!