Lessons for Au-pair Girls

Language: French

Type of course: Group course during the afternoon, maximum 5 participants.

Method: The inlingua method is a direct method which focuses on speaking. Participants learn through repeating and practising. To know more about the inlingua method…

Length of course: A semester consists of 2 hours a week for 18 weeks. These 2 hours include 1x 50-minute lesson with the teacher and 1x 60 minutes of multimedia (working on the computer individually).

Times: Wednesday afternoon
The times are fixed by the school depending on the levels and enrolments.

Placement test: A test is mandatory before beginning a course, in order to determine the level of participants so that classes of homogenous levels can be formed. Test on-line here or directly at the reception.

Enrolment: Apart from beginners for whom it is important to begin the course at the beginning of a semester, enrolment is possible at any time. Please fill in the enrolment form, also available at the reception.

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