Intensive courses

Languages: French, German, English


General information

Type of course: Group courses, during the day

Methodology: The inlingua method is a direct method which focuses on speaking. Participants learn through repeating and practising. To know more about the inlingua method…

Length of course: The course is divided into 3 daily periods: 1x 50-minute & 1x 60-minute lessons with the teacher, and 1x 60 minutes of multimedia (working on the computer individually).

Times: Every day, Monday to Friday.
– Either in the morning from 8 am to 11 am or from 9 am to midday
– Or in the afternoons from 2pm to 5pm
The times are fixed by the school depending on the levels and enrolments.

Price: CHF 300.00 per week

Payment: Cash at reception or by invoice.


Steps following your registration

Placement test:

Test Level: To determine the level of participants and thereby form homogeneous classes, an evaluation test is required before classes begin. Do the online test here or directly at the Inlingua’s school in Sion. If you do the online test please select at the beginning of the test to send the result to the Inlingua center in Sion.

Registration: Possibility to begin every Monday throughout the year. Registration is possible at any time. Please, fill in the form.



Missed lessons cannot be refunded or substituted.

If a participant discontinues his/her course, for whatever reason, the price will be calculated pro rata of the started week.

In case of only one student attending, the 2 group hours will be reduced ti 1 private hour.


Additional benefits

Evaluation Test: At the end of each module, you can test your skills with the Bright Evolution Test (on the computer) and receive an assessment of your skills.

Certificate: A certificate is issued at the end of each module, if the course was taken regularly.